The Great Haste in Everyday Life

Facebook and Twitter is were everyone can be found these days. If you are looking for what someone is thinking or doing, just log into Facebook. No one anymore understands what privacy is. Everything is posted so rapidly anymore that you can’t even breathe before they add a comment. Also people expect a response or answer almost instantly. There is a function on most of our phones that is connected to Facebook or Twitter. It is called a push notification and lets the person know when someone has posted something about them. So knowing this, the person on Facebook expects you to respond right away.

Talking about phones though, text message is interesting topic. Text message was invented to sent someone a message that they can respond to when they get a chance. Almost like someone emailing another person. Now a days people will freak out if you don’t text them back instantly. People will text someone and if you don’t text them back within 10 seconds, they will think something is wrong with you. My aunt would text her kids during school and freak out if they don’t respond right away. A couple of things are wrong with that. One, she always scolds her kids for having their phone at school. Two, you are at school, so you can’t have your phone out to text at the ready. And three, she seems to text them in the most inconvenient times. Most of the time it is during a test.

All in all we live in a very rapid world. Everybody wants everything and they want it now. The word patience is not in our vocabulary anymore. Next thing you know, we won’t have next day delivery, we will have next hour delivery.

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