Technology Giveth and Technology Taketh Away

With the advancement of technology jobs that once belonged to humans are slowly being replaced by machinery. This is not a new concept, and has impacted the country since the 1950’s during the Industrial Revolution. Factories used to be operated mostly by people and a production line consisted of hand made items. For a while, machines have been programmed to do these jobs with few to no errors. People have lost jobs because of this, but new jobs were also created. There are usually technicians or engineers who over see these machines, maintain maintenance and are usually paid very well. But not everyone can be an engineer or technician, so the people who have education levels that fall just short of that are left out in the cold. The working class is suffering and struggling to find decent paying jobs.

I often worry what will happen when I graduate. I will have a degree in Radio and Television Production. These days news studios have fewer and fewer people operating cameras. Fieldwork is a different story, but most of the studio set-ups are machine controlled. Editing software and camera equipment is more available and obtainable for the masses. As a broke college student myself these things are less attainable for me; it makes me worry that I am at a disadvantage. Technology is becoming more available and cheaper, meaning that most of the people who can afford the new technologies are familiar with what’s out there. Will my skills with cameras, editing and production be of use? Since websites like Youtube feature so many talented people doing what I am just learning to do? I love all things mass media and entertainment, and would be happy with anything relating to that, even if it wasn’t in production. I just hope my knowledge of technology giveth me a job after I graduate and not taketh away my hope.

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