Ways To Avoid The Wasteland That Is Mass Media

In Newton N. Minow article “A Vaster Wateland”, he spoke about the changes that face mass media and the regulations that need to evolve along with them. Minow created six goals that will help mass media run more effectively.

His first goal is to strengthen editorial independence in news and information by expanding freedom and creative energy’s that have created entities such as the internet in order to lead to technological advances that we could never dreamed of.

The second goal should be to improve education at all level by auctioning off the air waves of television. The reason for this is because the electromagnetic spectrum is one of the most valuable resource that we have as a nation.

The third goal is to extend the reach of our health-care system through new technologies in order to catch up with other developed countries. The use of telemedicine can help improve the use of preventive health care  at a lower cost.

The fourth goal is to build a more secure communication network to strength our national security to avoid a tragedy like September 11th .

The fifth goal has to be providing greater support public access radio and television. The use of public access has lost so much support in the last few year that many companies have had to close down causing many small towns and cities to lose their main source of nee and information. Public access is a vast cheap resource that the government is allowing to fade away. If we place the funds that they need the the source will pay us back ten fold.

The final goal would have to be reignite the use of public interest. The focus in that will create a renewed support interest of public office and other politics. Because much of the public doesn’t believe that the government cares what they think and the quicker we make it about them the better.

This isn’t an immediate fix but it will start us on the right track.


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