Television: Brainwashing Society Since the 1920’s

It seems like our current generation can’t go a single day without at least flipping on the TV a couple times to catch a show or two, but how bad is TV for us really? In my opinion it varies with each person and the shows that they are watching. For example, my girlfriend watches the Kardashian’s religiously and after I watched the show I realized why this was. It all had to do with a normal person with a lot of money (Kim Kardashian) traveling the world and having people bow before her simply because of her good looks, money, and fame. There is no real substance to the TV show, it is simply cameras filming drama (mostly set-up drama and fake staged drama in my opinion as a long time video editor) and showing different perspectives of this pointless drama unfolding until the end of the show where the drama continues into another episode that you have to tune in next week for. This instance of television really bugged me for the longest time, and all i could think is “why would anyone want to watch this garbage?”

Well in my opinion our society is very smooth and as we get older there is less and less drama in our lives, which for some people is a good thing but for others they miss it and still want to see confrontation and drama on a much larger scale (TV) no matter if it is fake or staged, people will keep watching it and these celebrities will keep making more money. When I confronted my girlfriend about it to ask her exactly what Kim does for a living I could never get a direct answer, all i know is she “owns businesses.” As long as shows like this continue to exist which teach bad moral’s, terrible judgement, drama, and not even the slightest bit of education, they will corrupt our youth. I can almost remember a time where MTV (MUSIC TELEVISION) actually played music videos as appose to Jersey Shore and other reality shows, but as long as people keep watching these shows will continue to thrive off of people who are too sucked in to realize what they are actually watching.

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