The New Rise in Popularity of Books

When I was younger, I would get addicted to book series like Gossip Girl, I just would not put them down to do homework or anything. As I got older, and I got busier, I stopped reading these teen drama books and focused more on the things happening in my busy life. Recently, although I have not participated in the trend, I have noticed that books seem to be on the rise in popularity.

I see a few things contributing this new rise in reading books. For one, many movies today are not of original ideas as many are based on books. For example: the Hunger Games, the Harry Potter series, and the Twilight series. I have even been guilty of reading some of the Harry Potter books only after some of the movies have gone to theaters.

One thing I think has even more to do with it is the growing popularity for tablets. There’s the Ipad, the Nook, the Kindle, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, the Google Nexus Tablet, and so many other different types and versions typing them all out would take up the rest of this blog entry. These tablets make reading so much easier and consumer friendly. You can download most books right onto your tablet and read it on a flat, easy, portable device that ways less than the average book. You don’t even have to worry about fussing with all the pages and creases that you encounter in a traditional paper book. These tablets will even recommend books that you will like based on your previous book choices.

Now, it might seem like I’m trying to convince you to buy a tablet, but I’m merely trying to illustrate that the popularity and easy that the tablet brings has made book reading more popular in today’s world, not only popular but in a way stylish as well. I personally don’t own a tablet as of yet, but I bet that if I did my face would be buried in it like I did when I was younger and addicted to books.

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