The Newfound Power of Information.

Do you have a cell phone? H0w about an iPod,  iPad, laptop, computer,  anything internet capable? Nowadays almost everything and everyone is capable of instantaneously connecting to the ever-expanding stream of information our world has enveloped itself in. In today’s world information is king, information rules our societies, it is at the forefront of our media , and it is a concrete part of how we live our everyday lives. Just think of your own daily schedule, how often to you check into facebook each day? How about posting a tweet just to get an idea out or say where you’ve been? All of this is information flows and is collected by companies  and individuals looking specifically to cater to you, isn’t it about time we took advantage of it?

Think of information as a tool, we can use it learn and interact more with the world around us. Think earlier on what I said about companies looking for your information. When you “Like” and companies page on facebook you are doing more than simply professing your enjoyment of said company, you are actively letting them know that you are potential long-term customer who they will then continually market too. This may seem somewhat nefarious, but there are benefits to the more subtle information flow as well. An example of which is the sheer ease at which one may obtain international news, events, and even something so simple as continuous fact-checking of political pundits. This gives the average purveyor a level of power that until this century had never been seen before. Anyone with a cellular smartphone has access to limitless amount of data ranging from simple recipes to play-by-play news from Syria. This allows anyone to be informed on the current goings on, and provides an avenue for anyone to become an on the spot journalist.

With  worldwide information in tow, dissidents can organize and topple dictatorial leaderships, individuals can connect with each other worldwide, and the public can watchdog it’s elected officials. Our connection to information is a massive cornerstone of our society as a whole, if we as a people would come to realize the sheer power and  influence we wield  then we can and should be able to change the world around us.

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