Television in need of improvement?


In the article A Vaster Wasteland it is pointed out that fifty years ago the FCC would be  forcing broadcasters to serve the consumer, and public interest is number one priority, as it should be. I would agree with FCC chairman Minow’s platform. I believe an invention that reaches out and impacts the public so much should not be taken lightly. Television has a great influence on us and that should be taken and used for maximum beneficial purposes. Television has the capability to change and go down two roads. Broadcasters could continue to exploit it and have greater trash content style programming or they could take the time to refine it and really serve the consumer. If the time is taken  to refine programming and greater educational and informational content is increased and trash television is decreased then I believe television would be less of a wasteland. And although the change could be timely the writer quotes a great story told by President Kennedy. A tree not blooming for 100 years should not stop you from planting it just because you will never see it. Although we might not be able to witness the extent of the change our children and grandchildren will and that should be enough. Television in my opinion at the moment is a wasteland its packed full of trash television like reality shows that we get nothing out of except for time loss. It’s understandable that as consumer we want entertainment as well but television programming is not well balanced between entertainment and informational and that is where the problem lies.

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