Our Generation Likes the Cold, Hard Facts.

The good, old childhood metaphor, “if you give a mouse a cookie he is going to want more”, is not always accurate. When it comes time to news in our generation we do not respond well to “more” news. We actually create a sense of news fatigue when we are handed too much news. The reasoning behind this news exhaustion is the fact that articles, headlines, and advertisement constantly surround us. The second you go onto the Internet you are bombarded by several different ads.  To the point where it becomes irritating and you just want to read what you were researching and nothing more.

The other issue with the amount of news that clogs up our daily lives is the amount of rumors within some of these news articles. These lies cause less and less reliability and the less reliability you have the less trust you have with the news. Therefore, causing a lot of people to not have confidence with what they hear or see from the media. Resulting in, not reading or listening to what the news has to say. Ten years ago you could have looked at the tabloids and believed at least seventy-five percent of them. Nowadays, when you look at the magazines you often find yourself questioning the accuracy of at least seventy-five percent of them!


Bree Nordenson states several interesting statements in her article “Overload!” The one that stood out the most to me was her suggestion on winning the war on inundating information. Bree basically said that the more straight to the point the news is the more preferable it is to our attention. This statement agrees with my original thought on the article, “less is more.”


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