The Internet used as a Portal of Voices

Entering middle school, social medias were on the rise and my fellow class mates were steadily beginning to use them.  Of course coming from a somewhat strict household I was banned from most of the internet world in general, xanga, myspace, even Neopets unless under some kind if supervision!  Nowadays social medias, blogging, instagram, etcetera are now a part of daily life.  Like Article 6 in Annual Editions Mass Media 12/13: The Digital Disruption, mentions the internet HAS given “any person with with access to the internet, regardless of living standard or nationality, is given a voice and the power to effect change.”  We as people are now given an even more powerful voice with the use of internet because it reaches virtually anyone with internet, which is a very large amount of the world.  No matter what website or form of interaction a person uses on the internet, one is placing their own personalization on the internet, voicing their opinions and what they stand for.

With the internet people are able to virtually transform themselves to what we refer to as internet sensations.  With nothing more than a voice and an internet connection people can reach millions with the touch of a few buttons.  However its not just about reaching out to people or getting noticed,  the use of internet can simply be to distress or in contrast to voicing an opinion, reading about one… It is a source of a variety of information.  Whatever the internet is used for it is always going to be a portal of voices interconnected.


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