Texting and Driving is Now Illegal in Florida

Public safety is always at the forefront of concerns when it comes to laws and regulations put in place, especially for transportation. As our technology and society change and evolve, the laws that govern transportation safety have had to evolve as well. This process can sometimes be slow, as is the case with one of the greatest traffic safety issues: texting and driving. After years of studies, campaigns, and social movements, the government in Florida has finally stepped in to deal with this increasing problem.

Starting October 1st, 2013 at midnight, it will be illegal to text and drive in the state of Florida. The law is not the most strict, as an officer cannot pull a driver over simply for seeing the use of a cell phone, but must in fact catch someone violating another traffic law before pulling that person over. While it is not the strongest deterrent for drivers who feel the need to text while driving, it is a start. The issue of texting and driving is one that is only recently drawing the attention that it should, as it is a dangerous habit, and can be a fatal one. The problem has existed for years now, and it is surprising that the Florida government is only now passing laws about it, but every step in the right direction is one to recognize. One would hope that this will lead to even more legislation regarding the issue, and an actual solution will be found to keep our drivers safer on the roads.

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