About Two Thousand Accept Jesus Christ During Good News Orlando . The Crussade by Evangelist Reinhard Bonke

The Orlando crusade with the evangelist Reinhard Bonke took place last weekend at the Amway Center. I was expecting the crusade for about four months, having the privilege to serve as a volunteer in the usher’s area. The usher’s job was an easy and rewarding task, as easy as “set the mood of the place,” and it is true – how nice is when we enter a place and we are welcome with a smile and a warm greeting? I have been before to this Christian celebration, but always as a viewer. I never have had the opportunity to serve, but it was great to have a glimpse of the great effort from a team of dozens of people behind the scene. People served in different areas such as the following: lighting, audio, security, housekeeping, greeters, singers, drivers, cameras, stage builders, coordinators, prayer team, and ushers, among others.

When the doors opened, thousands of people entered, and minutes later the multitude began to worship under the direction of Israel Houghton. It was a great celebration to honor Jesus as Lord and Savior. The message, as Bonke said, was the A-B-C of the gospel: to acknowledge sin, to recognize the emptiness without God’s presence in one’s life, and to welcome Jesus into one’s heart. It was a blessing to have the evangelist Reinhard Bonke inviting hundreds to accept Jesus as Savior, and it was a moment of rejoicing when about two thousand people accepted the invitation. When I see someone coming to Jesus Christ’s feet, I do not see only one person, but I can see a whole family changing the course of it’s life, and a better society under God’s direction.

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