The BCS National Championship May Come Down to Strength of Schedule

The battle to make the BCS National Championship game is getting intense heading into the the last part of the season. Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon are the leading candidates to be playing for the title. The problem is only two teams can play in that game. Each team still has four regular season games left to play and their conference title, which leaves plenty of room for one team to lose.

Alabama, the two time defending champions, still have to play rivals LSU and Auburn. They also have to play in the SEC title game, which will most likely be ranked opponent most likely Missouri or South Carolina. With that being said, Alabama is still the favorite to make it to the championship. Their experience, toughest, and skill give them the edge over Oregon and FSU in the polls. If Bama were to stumble, it could still be possible for them to make it to the National Championship game over another undefeated team in Ohio State.

Florida State has proven their status, but they have the weakest schedule remaining. If all three teams were to win out, FSU would most likely be looking on from the outside. That is because the race for the second spot is very close and if Oregon wins out they would have beaten a top five team in Stanford and possibly a ranked opponent in the PAC 12 title game. FSU has an easy schedule compared to the other two teams. They do have to play rivals Florida, which could be a tough match up. The Seminoles look to play their other rivals Miami in the ACC title game again.

Things will look a little bit more clear after this weekends big games between LSU and Alabama and Oregon and Stanford. These two games will indicate the rest of the season. If Stanford beats Oregon, they could jump into contention. It has been a top heavy season in college football so far, but there is still plenty of football left to play. The possibility of upsets could change the outcome of any hopes and dreams of becoming national champions.

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