The new generation of iPad is here. How does it stand up to the old one?

Apple released their newest iPad last week and it isn’t you typical iPad. The iPad Air is totally different from the past generations of iPads. New thinner design which makes it weigh less than the older versions, 1 pound compared to 1.5 pounds, and it now is equipped with Apple’s ground breaking Retina Display. The iPad its self looks a lot sleeker than older generations.

Other than the slimmer design and new Retina Display the iPad Air is equipped with Apple’s fastest processer, the A7. The A7 chip is also found in the iPhone 5s which has had great success. The A7 makes the iPad Air one of the fastest tablets currently on the market. The iPad Air also is equipped with the new iOS 7, which works in hand with the A7 chip to offer flawless computing. The iPad Air has the longest lasting battery among the tablets currently offered on the market. The upgraded batter will allow users to use the iPad Air non-stop for 13.7 hours.  Apple gave the iPad Air a 1.2 mega-pixel front facing camera for Facetime and the rear-facing camera is a 5 mega-pixel camera.

The price for an iPad Air starts at $499 for the 16gb version and goes up from there. Overall I am quite impressed with the new improvements. I own a MacBook Air and I love it and I also own a 1st generation iPad which is severely outdated so I might be an owner of an iPad air in the near future!

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