The Daily Use of Computers and Why We Still Need Humans to Operate Them

Computers are everywhere and used for everything. There is not a day that goes by where a business man or woman does not use a computer. Students at university and students in high school all use computers for research and writing papers. It makes our lives a lot easier than what our parents and grandparents had access to. Years ago it was said that computers are going take over jobs and that the human race was going to be out of thousands of jobs. We have seen some of those people lose those jobs to computer, but they still require the staff and the man power to run the computers.

When running a business one cannot rely on a computer to sell or be able to trouble shoot a guest with a problem. They are also not very personable. By having these humans there we are able to see what a customer wants and troubleshoot problems that a computer would not be able to do. Computers only have a right and wrong and are unable to fully comprehend someone needs as a human would be able to do.

We still need humans to program and input into a computer what is supposed to do. A computer is like a calculator. A human has to input numbers in for the calculator to create an output. Humans are also there to repair them when they do not work. Without the human mind computers would not be able to run.

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