Will automation eventually make the job market die out?

Many things are made from technology and are automatic these days. Some things that I can name are automated phone messages or automated voices when calling a number. By this I mean when you call a company and have an issue, typically rather than speak with a human, you speak with an automated computer first. Another way that I can think that technology is taking over, is in factories. Many jobs that once existed by people in factories now only exist by machines. By this I mean lids being put on bottles, or brand stamps being stamped onto food, or even chips being put in a bag. I do realize that many of these have been automated for some years now, but at one point there was not machines for all these things, and each one was a job for a human. As these machines have begun to take over, jobs have continued to decline. If technology continues to advance, and machines continue to do more, will there be any jobs left for humans? Will the job market decrease to a point of no return? These are all valid argumentative questions, that deserve an answer. They deserve an answer because people need to figure something out for income when the machines take over. It is both good and bad that technology is becoming so advanced. Good because a lot of challenging things are more convenient and able to be done quicker, but bad in the sense that jobs are being eliminated. I do also believe that things are cheaper when done by a machine, because we as the consumer are not having to pay for the manual labor when we buy it. Whether you look at the negative or positive of machines being as advanced as they are, the point is, they are taking over.

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