The Digital Media Overcomes the Old Way of Getting News Such as The Newspaper

Reading James Fallows article I agree with his conclusion about journalism, “there is not any point defending the old ways”. The digital era has overcome the old era of printed news. As Steven Woldman, who works for the Federal Communication Commission, said “new journalism will be better than the old.” There are several reasons why digital media is so loved – easy accessibility, demand, different levels of knowledge available, and speed among others.
There are several ways to get access to information about what is happening around the world thanks to the internet. We now have professional and amateurs reporting news, sports, and general information as it develops. The public’s demand to be informed is greater every day. An audience waiting for the news and entertainment is always present. As an example by December 2011 web pages as Vimeo, attracted 65 million visitors per month. Any person reaching a phone with internet access has a voice that can be heard around the world.
The source of information varies at all levels, from people without any skills to professionals willing to share their knowledge. There is information to please all kinds of readers – of course the highest the level of education someone has, the higher level of professional journalism such people will seek. Changes always have some level of difficulty on being accepted; for people who grew up reading the newspaper the transition of getting the information through a digital medium could be painful, but for those belonging to the newspaper generation willing to accept the change, the digital world will be a valuable experience.

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