The Failure of Those We Trust

There has been a lot of talk about the fiscal cliff lately and the budget negotiations that are going on in Congress. Something that is less talked about though is the reform in the filibuster that Senate Democrats are trying to pass.

It is quite possible that this Congress will be one of the least successful in history and a big reason for that is the abuse of the filibuster. What was originally supposed to be a useful and strategic tool for the minority party in the Senate has turned into a weapon. It has turned into a weapon of obstructing progress under the guise of constituent representation.

Many Republican senators are saying that by wanting to change the filibuster to make it more difficult, Democrats are abusing their power as the majority party. However, I would make the contrary argument that the real abuse has come from the Republican senators in using the filibuster to complete their agenda of accomplishing nothing.

If this election has taught us anything it is that people are ready for action. This year it became more clear than ever that big money cannot outperform groups of people who believe in a better future, not just for themselves bur for their children.

The America people are no longer going to tolerate politicians who put their own careers before the interests of the people they have vowed to represent. Holding a seat in the Congress of the United States of America is a privilege that should not be taken lightly, and it is time for many of our current senators to step up their game.

I am supporting the senators who are proposing reform of the filibuster because we have to get moving. We no longer have time to wait for change. Progress needs to happen and it needs to happen now.

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