The Fun Will Never End

Well, looks like another semester is coming to an end and this will be our last posting.  So instead of focusing on something that we’ve discussed in class or rambling, I wanted to blog about something that I just find personally interesting.  So I might still be rambling.  Sorry.

I’ve been watching cartoons for a long time, so I don’t have any problem saying that, bar none, ADVENTURE TIME IS THE BEST CARTOON EVER.  Maybe I should rephrase that.  Adventure Time is the best cartoon aimed at the demographic that cartoons are made for.  I’m not counting Futurama or South Park or King of the Kill or the Simpsons.  None of those.  I try, when nothing else is on, to recapture some of my childhood by watching cartoons I used to watch.  And most of them now just seem stupid, with the exception of Nick Toons, which shows Doug, Hey Arnold and Rugrats, but even those pale in comparison to the greatness that is Adventure Time.  The problem is, I don’t know what it is about the damned show that I find so appealing.  Aesthetically it’s a very pleasing show; the colors pop and the characters are cute.  But it’s so much more than that.  The show revolves around the last human on a post apocalyptic Earth with his magical best friend/dog.  They live in a tree house.  And that’s really all there is too it.  There are no rules to this universe, so there is a lot of zaniness (think old Looney Tunes).  But the zaniness comes from the magic that has flooded the earth since the end days, so we often find our heroes rescuing princess or fighting the evil Ice Wizard.  And it’s fantastic.  Everything talks and is alive and is something for our heroes to interact with in their adventures.  The show is really just that; adventures.  Every episode is an adventure and none are connected.  I think the appeal, for me at least, is the innocence of the show.  The characters are friends who have fun and just enjoy each others company and the world around them.  And the non sequitur randomness of the show appeals to the part of my brain that the web destroyed with all of the things it offers to kill time!

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