The First Men to walk on North America

The Pilgrims. The Indians. The Spanish. All of these groups of people have had their reign in inhabiting the body of landmass that we call North America. However, there has always been a debate on who were the first people to walk on present day America. Many experts have stated many groups of people including the ancient Chinese to many aborigines were the first people. In the latest events, a group of people named “Clovis” are said to be the first people who inhabited North America over 13,000 years ago. The only known burial of the Clovis people is around Yellowstone, but there have not been any more findings on these people.

Now, where did these people come from? Many reports are stating that there might have found some clues in some of the Clovis’ tools. Some are arguing that some of their tool structures came from Southwestern Europe, around the area of Spain and France. If these results were true, it would mean that the Clovis group has European ancestry. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the Clovis point, a remarkable piece of technology, has always said to come from multiple Indian tribes. As more information continues to come out, scientists are starting to maybe rethink the origin of this point.

There are theories stating that the Clovis group began to settle down in the Texas around 15,000 years ago. Why is this important? It is important due to the fact that experts think the time period allows enough time for the group to settle in the Americas and develop the Clovis tools found today. Contrasting reports however state that radiocarbon dating does not support this theory and around 15,000 artifacts are found in the Texas area, but none of them Clovis points. It seems that there still are more questions than answers on who were the first people to walk the Americas.

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