The First Principle On How To Achieve Success: Make A Decision

The toughest thing in life is to make a decision. There is no bigger factor that affects our lives more than decision making.

Everything we do as human beings revolves around our decision making process. Think about this, every circumstance in your life came from a decision. That could be a decision to go back to school, or to get married. No matter what the decision was, you decided on it and it moved you.

Decisions are the beginning of motivation, not until you make a decision will anything get done. Without making a decision how will you ever get going? Also, decisions give us direction, they guide us on our journeys in life, keeping us focused on the task at hand.

Think about the last time you had to make a decision; what was it about and so forth. You will see it was the major force that got you moving towards your end result. If you had not made a decision would you be where you are? I don’t believe so. Henry David Thoreau says this “Most men live lives of quiet desperation” Why? Because they never make a decision.

Indecisiveness breeds content; forcing individuals to accept what ever life gives them. Contrarily, Decisiveness brings about freedom, making you the master of your fate and the captain of your soul as stated in the poem Invictus.

Finally, whatever decisions you make or choose not to make will determine your fate. However, if you choose not to decide life will decide for you and more often than not we never get what we desire. So make a responsible decision to make a decision.

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