‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful for Family, Friends, And God

We live in a crazy fast paced world. We stay on the go and trying to balance everything can be hectic. The thing, in my opinion, that gets lost in our pursuit of happiness is taking time to be grateful for the  things that you cannot put a price on.

You know, things like our love ones or even more important God. We get so caught up with making a dollar, that it’s easy to loose sight of the things that are more important. Some of those things are family, friends, and God. People have to remember how they got to where they are, because with out the special people who help shape your life and God Sustaining your life there wouldn’t be any success.

So as the holidays approach and we reflect on the year that has past so quickly, I pray that we see the voids all of us have created in our lives by not taking time to show our gratitude, myself included. Everyone wants to succeed but without those important factors mentioned above it wouldn’t mean anything. Think on this, can a car or money comfort you like mom or dad? Can success be there like God when life gets hard? The short answer is no.

Finally, this holiday season let us take time to remember the really important things in life. Take time to say thank you to a spouse, friend, professor, and don’t forget God, that help you get closer to your sought after success. Show them how grateful we are for them this holiday season.

Happy Holidays to you all.


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