The Internet: A Tool For Change

Every morning that you wake up, you pull yourself out of bed to start the day. Maybe take a nice hot shower to wake you up too. After that, you probity turn on the TV and get some nice breakfast to fill you for the day. The news comes on the TV. Protesters are filling the streets of a city. The news cuts to live footage of the soon to be riot. The story starts to interest you. You turn on your computer to find out more. After you search the story, hundreds of articles, videos, blogs, and pictures come up about this one issue. Each with its own voice.

The internet has become something more than just an object that is used to entertain you. It has become a tool for people’s voices to be herd to the masses. A man can post a video that shows police brutally beating up an innocent man for no apparent reason. That video will stir something within another person that will make you want to fight for that cause. If the video goes viral, a change in the world can be made. Those police men can now be charged for their wrong doings. This power that came from one simple video was not possible twenty years ago. Within that span of twenty years, justice can finally be made.

A prime example of this effect is the Kony 2012 video. That video brought together millions of people around the world to stop one man. One man’s voice did this. It united people to put up posters, make T-shirts, and even take off work to spread the word about the terrible things Joseph Kony is doing to children. If Jason Russell, the man that made that video, tried the getting his word out twenty years ago, nothing would of happened. He would not be able to reach as many people he could today. The internet has truly become a tool for justice.

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