The Revolutionary Transition from the Newspaper to the Internet

The growing age of media and technology continues to increase at a dramatic pace in today’s world. The transition from receiving our information digitally over tabloids nowadays, has greatly contributed towards the public. From the highest standpoint among our national government to the eyes of the youth, everyone is capable of obtaining the daily news faster and easier. Today, the internet has extended its reach so much that it is capable of not just delivering news, but can deliver other forms of media such as entertainment, education, and research purposes. People literally have the ability to take control of their own virtual world through their personal computers and can make proficient use of the Internet. However, while news, entertainment, and other features in the media are more attainable and available, there is yet a risk being played out.

While the Internet seems to be a less complex way of reaching out to the public eye, it can be a risk for anyone who is responsible for putting up written or graphical news without the extent of permission. The media may be a great environment to be around in, but if not taken seriously, consequences can hit a victim very harshly. Issues that contribute well to this category include gossip/rumors, false statements, and jokes. Many people today are found to be logged onto social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Although these social networks can help provide connections and communications between users, most people today tend to use them to slander others. This sort of act can cause a widespread of gossip and rumors among those involved in the posts. Besides words, ads on the Internet will even try to deceive the viewers’ eye by revealing graphical pictures or videos that might have been “accidentally” uploaded or linked from another website. Aside from entertainment, such Internet acts have been found among the politics as well.

Government censorship has been a major case in the media even before the launch and growth of the Internet and technology. Many of the features that are now broadcasted on television or podcasted online are not always revealing what may seem to be the truth. As seen in many ads and campaigns, candidates try their best to win the support of the people by hiding some of the truth and persuading the people to take their side by defaming their opponents with false statements. A great influence is placed upon the public people especially when they see to believe. Aside from our nation, many countries with significantly powerful governments try to cover up the truth by expressing the joys and shares of their own form of rule, but in reality is nothing but terror to the people. The people deserve to be respected and to be told the truth.

As we progress through the foundations in life, we continue to experience the growth and changes of news and technology. Our daily news has always been available to the public. What most people once knew as a newspaper is slowly becoming an obsolete factor as the Internet gradually takes over. As vast as the newspaper was, it did serve limitations such as not being able to carry a great amount that the Internet is capable of, but was nevertheless still a dominant form of news delivery during its run. With the internet, individuals are now able to receive and deliver news at a faster and easier pace. The internet has expanded so much since its initial launch. Access to the media via the Internet is less resistant than it was during the earlier days and because of this, the risks of any form of digital mistake or rumor can have a negative impact to the public eyes/views.

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