The Internet Makes Our Decisions

In our society today, technology is constantly changing and getting better. The Internet is one of these technologies that is changing the world. There are millions of websites and sources of information to browse. Smart phones are able to access the Internet to allow the use of cell phone apps. All of these new found technologies provide us with an ease of information right in our fingertips. Even though this may sound convenient and great, we are losing important abilities that use to exist even 10 years ago: the ability to think for ourselves and make fast decisions.

The Internet and all these new technologies make it hard for us to make choices. My friends and I for example dine out often. My friends never know where to eat. It is so many choices out there. Instead of narrowing down categories like Mexican, Italian, Burgers, etc., they just use their smart phone Map App and type in the word “restaurant” to see what comes up. From there, they just choose what shows in the surrounding area. Before, we had to physically and mentally engage in thinking. Now we can just rely on the Internet to solve all our issues.

Another example of the Internet making our decisions is the things we purchase. We go online, check out reviews of products, Google images of the things we like and even all the locations of where we can find the product. We trust other people’s judgments of things instead of going with our own ideas. Don’t get me wrong; I am a supporter of the Internet and phone Apps. They do make our lives easier. At the same time, we give the Internet too much power. We allow it to make all our decisions in life, which takes away our communication skills. We are becoming lifeless, in a way that reminds me of a robot.

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