Who is next to you when you roll out of bed?

The motorcycle sounds as my alarm. I look at my iPhone with rage for interrupting my dream and compelling me to unsnuggle from my bed. I will now start my day one of three ways. Some days start with hitting snooze over and over in denial that I actually must get out of bed… I guess most days start this way. Other days start with me just dealing with the reality of the alarm clock even though I’d rather throw my iPhone against the wall and blissfully drool on my pillow. But the most pleasant days begin with me acknowledging my vulnerability to the horrors of morning before a Coke because my friends help me out of bed.

Lately Karen O has taken care of me the most


But listening to Lana is like slipping into my favorite sweater on a cold morning


I listen to both ladies sing my memories. And they delight me so much that I forget that I hate mornings. Instead they remind me how much I love music. My iPhone then plays the soundtrack for my day.

The next scene is dressing and grooming. This includes dancing since I’m musically multitasking. And this is always includes Of Montreal



because I cannot be unhappy listening to them. They require dancing into my clothes, hair flipping with the blowdryer. And if they team up with Reptar, I’ll probably wind up wearing something neon or knee socks.


These guys just insist on an adorable wardrobe.

Mornings are most delightful when they’re musical.

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