The Miami Heat Might Have Found Their Secret Weapon In the Center Position

The Miami Heat are looking to build on the past 2 years and are hoping that a recent acquisition will pay major dividends. After winning the NBA championship in ’12 and ’13, the Miami Heat needed to make a move that would fill a void that has been plaguing them for many years, a dominant big man or center. Last week Greg Oden (C) appeared in his first game since the ’08-’09 season and provided a spark off the bench in 6 minutes of game time. The Miami Heat are now in the “testing” phase of the big man. With multiple surgeries on his knees, Oden is a major liability if he doesn’t preform and takes up critical cap space. Oden reported no swelling or major pain after his short stint and Heat president Pat Riley is optimistic about the Heat Playoff picture. The Heat are circling the date of the Eastern Conference Finals and expect the Indiana Pacers to meet them in this covenant series. The Pacers, who feature a balance mix of speed and power down low, battled the Heat last year in the Eastern Conference Finals and was one win away from going to the championship themselves. The Pacers center Roy Hibbert, who stands over 7 feet tall, had his way with Heat Power Forward Chris Bosh and now, with the addition of Oden down low, the Heat are waiting to see how their experiment is going to plan out. Greg Oden was the first overall pick back in the 2007 NBA draft and has been riddled with injuries and has been working dusk and dawn for the opportunity to bring the Heat not the first, or second but the third championship in three years.

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