The Negative Effects of Human Behavior Towards Technology’s Innovations

The growing age of technology today continues to expand and branch out into new forms of tools and knowledge. From the evolution of the telegraphs to smartphones, standard television to high-definition flat screens, and record players to iPods, these innovations have provided a great deal of assistance and entertainment over the modern age of technology to many consumers. However, it is with a price that comes in owning certain gadgets such as these. The innovations of technology have helped provide a more feasible way of communicating but the risks of possessing and using such devices have increased just as much. The main idea behind the innovations of technology is not based on what is being introduced to the modern world but how it shapes and changes the views and usage of technology. While it may seem flattering to most users, some experts believe that there negative consequences once these new forms of technological devices play out their role in society once they have been introduced.

One type of innovation would be how we communicate via sending written or verbal messages. As far back as we have known, the postal service has been around even before the institution of our nation. The postal service has allowed us to send written messages to and from one another. As the twentieth century began to draw closer towards a new millennium, written messages began to go digital. New innovations such as email, text and instant messaging had begun to develop into a form of written messages that can be sent and received at a much faster pace. Verbal messages have also evolved into new innovations over the past decades as well. Telephones began to connect callers from any distance and have progressed into new innovations such as cell phones and smartphones. These innovations allowed us to carry our phones in a portable manner and have offered more than just the ability to call our friends and family. Another type of innovation is the television. The television has greatly evolved just as phones have over the past century. Innovations have brought the old-fashioned standard definition cathode-ray tube to the high-definition flat screens we have today. This particular innovation has increased picture and sound quality when a consumer decides to watch television.

While it may seem convenient and more entertaining to watch television and use the other innovations like cell phones and smartphones. The major downfalls behind these innovations are the aftereffects that are placed upon the users once they are captivated by its features. Studies have shown that while previous generations have enjoyed outdoor activities for hobbies and pastime, today’s children are mostly found stuck in their rooms with their eyes attached to a television or computer screen. This sort of act has been linked to troubled behavior and attention disorders. Obesity has been a major issue especially in our nation, and factors such as the new gadgets in the market today, are a chief contributor to obesity. What we really need to consider about the innovations of technology is not that it just brings a new product into the market, but it can change the way consumers see and even behave around these new devices. Changes have occurred greatly since the great technology boom in the late nineties, and it can be seen that the generations that followed through into the twentieth-first century have behaved and found new ways of entertainment but along with it are the negative reactions and behaviors that can cause major health issue factors if not controlled.

It is through these and other forms of technological innovations that have caused a greater impact and certain negative effects towards many consumers nowadays. It may seem fun and simpler to live with the new technological tools that are being advertised but we must be aware of the dangers that it can carry when consumers become somewhat attached to them. I would have to say that in order to preserve the value and amuse that we see in these products would be to set a good distance and to remind ourselves of what we really need and not just for a spending spree. Instead of relying on these innovations we should always revert back and consider other hobbies such as sports to increase our satisfaction. Not to say that everything about technology is all bad but too much of a good thing can sometimes lead to a disappointing lifestyle. We can always look at technology as an aid to research and entertainment but I believe we should not neglect certain obsolete forms of technology that can still be quite useful today.

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