The New iPad is Here!

October 23, marked another special day for Apple.  It was the unveiling of their new iPad Mini.  Complete with it’s Lighting connecter and smaller screen, this new device made by Apple is sure to be a hit.  Aimed at more of the e-reader market, the smaller screen (measuring at 7.9in)  is perfect for those who want to use their device primarily for reading.  Until now, Apple has lost a measurable amount of business due to their other iPad devices being too large for consumers to use as an e-reader. While some people will complain about how “useless” this device is, with Apple’s track record, I have full confidence it will be in high demand.

Apple also announced a 13-in version of the Mac Book Pro featuring their Retina display.  This new laptop will have no disk drive and house a solid state hard drive.  In addition to that new computer, they also announced that starting in November and December, they will start selling a new 21.5in and 27in iMac.  These new devices are the Apple’s thinnest iMacs yet with a width of 5mm around the edges.  I was hoping for an update on their Mac Pro line, but that didn’t happen.

In other Apple news, they are in the works of releasing IOS 6.0.1.  This update will fix issues like the horizontal lines that some users are having issues with while accessing the keyboard.  The update will also address a problem with the camera’s flash that has affected some users.  Also in the works is IOS 6.1, but according to some online sources it is just now beginning internal tests within Apple.


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