“The Parallel Similarities of Greek Mythology and Christianity”

There are many comparisons and parallel similarities that can be said about Greek Mythology and Religion. Most people that are Christians or follow the principles of the Bible believe the stories told in the Bible itself. The same can be said about the stories of Greek and Roman mythology as well. The idea that many different gods and goddesses controlled the universe can be looked at as stories that are no more than fiction or fantasy. The same could be said about Christianity for non-believers. But majority of these biblical stories are accounts of important people, events, and concepts of Christian faith. Similarities can begin with creation stories where in both the Christian creation story, Genesis, and in many accounts of the Ancient Greek creation story, “the earth began with darkness and nothingness, or chaos” (Genesis 1:2), as known to the Greeks.

Both Heaven and Olympus are believed to have beliefs or prophecies that are very similar to each other. The overthrowing of rulers were frequent events in both Greek mythology and in Biblical stories. In both cultures these prophecies usually lead to the attempted suppression, usually murder in Bible stories of the group that the over thrower will supposedly come from.

Mount Olympus was considered the residence of the divine family, the twelve most important ruling gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, who were also known as the Olympians. Some of the Olympians include Zeus, Prometheus and Pandora. They all lived together in an enormous palace, high above the clouds. Olympus is identified with Mountain Olympus in Thessaly, which is the highest mountain in Greece. It mostly is identified though as some mysterious region far above the Earth.

Heaven can be referred to as the kingdom of God. It is also said to be the place that the Will of God will be done as well as a place far beyond the Earth. It is associated as a place that is an afterlife for people who have died. It is also where many biblical stories and teachings take place such as the beginning where “God created heaven and earth” (Genesis 1:1). It can also be great references for comparing people such as God, Jesus, and Eve to mythological figures such as Zeus, Prometheus and Pandora.

The similarities are so parallel one must wonder as to the actual origin of these stories both myth and biblical. If the Bible holds so many similarities to Greek and Roman mythology, it causes one to question the actual relevance of the Bible. Christians believed and still believe to this day that those who worship other gods are heretical and pagan. Although Christians refuse to accept that these stories are not historical accounts written by God through man, one cannot discount the likeness of both the stories of the Greek Gods and stories of the Bible. The common person cannot look past the facts, all of which are written in a book cherished by so many. Anyone can prove that the fall of Rome was credited partly to the rise of Christianity, and the Christianity that we know today had to start from somewhere. One may even go so far as to say, the stories in the bible are stories of Greek mythology changed to suit the belief system of what Christianity is today.


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