The play of Right Winger Jarome Iginla for the Boston Bruins and should they extend him?

Last season at the NHL trade deadline, Jarome Iginla had the choice of where his current team, the Calgary Flames at the time, would trade him. He had a short list of teams that were at the top of the standings and had the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup, the one thing that has evaded his Hall of Fame career. The Boston Bruins general manager thought he had completed a trade for Iginla, however, the winger switched his preferred destination and was traded to the Penguins. This ignited the Bruins fire and were able to beat Iginla and the Penguins in the playoffs, but were unable to win the cup.

Now in this season, with Iginla signing with the Bruins on a one year deal over the offseason, he is the Bruins leading goal scorer and a key part of their recent winning streak. This begs the question whether or not the Bruins organization should extend his contract to keep the 36 year old for a few more years. The cons of doing this include the fact that he is up there in age and could decline in his play and the organization wouldn’t want to have to commit to a declining player. The pros of this move would be that it can continue the chemistry that has shown between Iginla and his first line teammates Milan Lucic and David Krejci, much more chemistry than he had with the Penguins.

In the end, I think Iginla will stay in Boston after this year due to the teamwork that he has shown with this team and his strong play in their recent winning streak.

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