Why You Should Pay Attention to Orlando’s Music Scene

As we all know, Orlando is never lacking in local events or things to do in the city. Similar to any large urban and highly developed metropolis, any standard civilian can check up on their local news source and find a bar that’s hosting a celebration, contest, or on the best of nights, live music. Being the theme park capital of the world has caused Orlando to be a very attractive stop for bands and all types of musicians alike to spread their tunes to the locals and tourists alike.

What most people don’t know however, is that there is talent gushing all over the city every week. The variety of acts that one can take part of is extremely varied as well. Whether you’d like to see famous and renowned artists like Paul McCartney or Muse at the  massive Amway Center, or go into your local punk rock bar Will’s Pub and let them showcase local bands like Abandon The Midwest, there’s something out there for you.

Personally, I find that venues like The Social, The Beacham, and The House of Blues (to an extent) tend to be the best due to their constant influx of great performing artists, along with their intimate appeal and organized structure. Just this weekend I was able to participate in a great show with Orlando reggae rock legends The Supervillains at The Social and two days later jam out to some Sublime classics by the tribute band Badfish at The House of Blues.

The most important thing I can try and relay onto everyone though is to support your local music scene as much as possible. You don’t realize how much hard work and talent these young artists put into their music, and with your help they can hopefully make it someday to a nationwide acclaimed tour band.

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