The Power of Blogging and Journalism In an Injustice Nation

I found Franklin’s article on the revolution in Egypt and the role of workers, journalists and bloggers  to be astonishing. We come from a world where one’s opinion is most certainly heard but rarely to the scale of provoking action as explained in Whence the Revolution. These protestors,  Abbas, Hamalawy, and Aswany to name a few, have invoked such passion in their audience that it has created life threatening action.

These writers have gone beyond simply telling the truth of what they have seen and experienced. For them, it has become a dangerous risk every time they share the injustice they have felt.  I believe this type of journalism to be the most awe inspiring. In the face of danger when one still standard up for their belief, nobody can bring them down. If one person if affected by what they have expressed than it was worth doing.

These outlets have allowed great change to happen and pushed nations to move forward. Although slowly, people banding together can bring about powerful progress in our world.

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