Watch out!!! They’re everywhere!!!

That is how I feel about the political ads on television right now.

Every time I turn on the television, there is a political ad either slamming Obama or slamming Romney.  It’s Slam-A-Thon 2012 and us Floridians have a front row seat.

We had friends from New York City over the other night, and they were surprised to see a political ad on our television.  “I forgot there were political ads.”, Tiffany commented.  “It’s because we live in New York and that state is already accounted for (Obama).”, Ryan replied.  We aren’t so lucky!

The other day, I was painting our bedroom.  Oh yeah, having the time of my life.  Of course, the talking box was on, and there was a moment of an hour and a half where every time the program went to break, at least one of the commercials was an ad either promoting Obama and pouring dirt on Romney or vice versa.  Some breaks had multiple commercials.  At one point, I counted back to back to back Obamads.

What are the stations going to do on November 7th?  Back to car ads, and erectile dysfunction ads and in the case of ads during the Price Is Right…Metamucil ads.

According to the Associated Press, Obama and Romney supporters have spent more than $433 million on television ads, through the month of August.  What would our national deficit look like if some of that money went towards paying off our debt?  Well, probably not that much, but we sure would feel better wouldn’t we?

In the end, someone will win, someone will lose, and a lot of disappointed supporters and their wallets will be lighter with very little to show for it.  The television executives will be disappointed as well.  This is their money making time.  And the clock is inching closer and closer to zero.

Places everyone!  Back to television normalcy soon!

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