The Power of Tabloids: Are they Completely Unrealistic?

Sometimes when I stand in the check out line in the grocery store I immediately gravitate to the tabloids displayed opposite the gum and candy. The headlines on the cover of these so called magazines are just so unbelievable, yet I am still inclined to pick it up and read it and if I cannot get enough reading in before the person in front of me has paid I consider adding it to my pile of groceries. When there are 3 magazines with the same person on the cover, yet all with different headlines which one should I believe? I guess I can answer that myself. Maybe I should just ignore them all since they are nonsense anyway.  Usually the whole magazine is made up of celebrity break ups, diets, scandals, etc. it does not necessarily mean any of the information is true, let alone educational at all. It’s just a way to attack us readers. I can recall times when I have been home on the weekend and picked up the tabs during breakfast. Across the table, my dad usually reads something like the Wall Street Journal or a magazine type newspaper called Barron’s. He always suggests I put down whatever it is I’m reading since he insists I’m learning nothing from it and hands me a section of his newspaper to read. The articles that I have read in the Wall Street Journal have actually been very interesting. I really just wish my eyes directed me toward more educational literature rather than the tabloids full of superficial drama. I think as a society we need to redirect our eyes to more substantial reading because in reality it does not affect me if a Kardashian is cheating on her boyfriend.

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