The Right Way to do Multiple Person Projects

As students in college, we are often given many different projects. In being an Art or Communications major these projects often require outside help from friends. With this necessity shouldn’t there be an easier way to find talent or crew to help with what you are trying to do?

If technical and performance classes were to pair up, it would save us all a major hassle in trying to find talent or crews to help us out. Each class all students would receive a grade or some sort of credit and if something were to happen where talent or crew did not attend, that person would be penalized. This could of course apply to other majors as well, but it would be extremely helpful in this particular situation. Sometimes it is literally impossible to get the talent you need.

I think this idea would benefit everyone, everyone would benefit and get experience, as well as meeting new people and getting your name out as someone who has certain skills. It would also be beneficial for new students who are still getting to know people when they initially move here. The pairing of classes would benefit everyone, and you would always be able to rely on this group of people rather then hoping your talent feels like showing up and causing problems between friends or classmate if they decide to bail on the assignment last minute. It’s not as though we could cancel all projects because in certain majors, a large amount of team work is required. With this idea, all would be how it would in the real world. Everyone benefits, if they do not attend, they are penalized, not you.

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