Vaping Our Way Into the Future: E-Cigarettes and Big Tobacco

We’ve all seen them around, those little pen-shaped devices that allow people the chance at an alternative to traditional tobacco. Enter, the e-cigarette. Catchy name right? Well, it works in our technology obsessed world. This devices, ranging from a disposable cigarette purchased at the gas station to an all out hobbyist’s dream, have taken the world of smoking by storm. But why?

It’s simple. Market  to the masses a product that allows for nicotine consumption sans the smoke, mix in one part high-tech feel, add a dash of exotic flavors and boom, you have a trend. These things are selling like hotcakes and are beginning to give big tobacco a run for their money. Here’s how they work. By using a battery to produce an electrical current you are able to literally vaporize the flavored and sometimes nicotine filled “e-juice” into a harmless and less-offensive water vapor. This allows a smoker to get their nicotine fix minus all the residual heath effects of actually combusting tobacco.

The big guys are getting worried now as this trend looks more and more like it’s here to stay. Now, they are smoking cessation devices nor are they void of any health issues but, as current research is saying, it is definitely the lesser of two evils. How long  the e-cigarette will last is unsure but one thing is very clear, big tobacco seems to have missed their mark on exploiting the market of the e-cigarette. Too bad for them but good for us, the public, adding one more incentive to dropping the stogie and moving into the future with an electronic cigarette.

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