The Root to Stress for Young Girls

Could it be that social media is the root to girls anxiety? What causes this stress in the first place? Whether we like it or not, we face a world that is centered around self image. Not only does this make us feel inferior, it makes the younger generation feel even more insecure and filled with stress.

It could be argued that boy and girls both face the same struggle. However, boys are less concerned with self image during their younger teen age years as oppose to girls who are constantly bombarded.

A perfect image of this is stated in “Why Do Girls Tend to Have More Anxiety Than Boys?” a article by Leonard Sax, “Imagine another girl sitting in her bedroom, alone. She’s scrolling through other girls’ Instagram and Snapchat feeds. She sees Sonya showing off her new bikini;” One can only imagine the insecurities that being to arise by being on these social networks and seeing girls focus on their bodies. Meanwhile, boys are posting about sports and fun games. The stress levels are entirely different and even non noticeable on the male side.

Personally, I feel girls have been facing this stress since they were little girls. Barbies for years have set an impossible standard with body image. No wonder we have girls with major complexes’ and psychological problems. Our focus should be on restating the standard and promoting healthy body image. By doing so, we would help girls understand the meaning of being healthy and further prevent stress in their lives.

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