We Talk About The Racism Portrayed In The Film ‘American History X” and Why Is It Still Relevant

In this moving film we see the reality that racism creates among different types of people. Even though the movie was released almost 20 years ago, we still struggle today with his big issue. The movie shows us how being so violent, and always to fight someone because they don’t look like we do or because they don’t have the same class, its all irrelevant because at the end of the day it will only create more violence between everyone that will most definitely come to haunt in some way, no one escapes justice.

The movie shows how far a personal belief could take you to even have you destroy your own future just so you can fight a guy who looked at you the wrong way at the wrong time. It all starts very simple; to understand why these guys are the way they are we must know that it all begins at home. We see in a scene how Derek’s dad basically told him that we should not care for black people because they are just needed for the looks of being diverse in a workplace, that they are not good for anything because they are African-American.

There we can see how compliance with threats and promises influences an attitude change on Derek. Because it is not only the outcome of a social influence, it also has to do with the person complies, that is behavioral conformity by the targets to the source’s request or demands. The whole point of this is achieve a particular behavior from the target regardless of the target truly believes. So they dad could care less what the son thinks, he really wants to make sure that his son studies well for class purposes only in the real world, black people don’t matter basically. So we see how is very obvious trying to provoke an attitude change in his son, which left him very confused.

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