Titanfall 2 Announced for a Multi-Console 2016 Release

Earlier this week, Respawn entertainment announced that the sequel to its hit 2014 title, Titanfall, will be available later this year, and more importantly, will have a multi-platform release. Titanfall originally released in 2014 as an Xbox One exclusive title, finding popularity as a launch title for Microsoft but ultimately experiencing limited audience reach due to the Xbox One’s limited playerbase. This eventually led to the early waning of the games playerbase, and within 6 months Titanfall was a veritable ghost town. Respawn looks to change things up with the sequel this time, revealing Thursday that Titanfall 2 will indeed be releasing on Xbox One, PC, and Sony’s PS4 platform, this grants the game a much larger audience and hopefully more incentive to elongate the games lifespan.

One of the biggest problems with Titanfall was its overall lack of meaningful content. While the game was assuredly fun to play, and did receive a great many awards for the smoothness of its shooting and its parkour system (which was seen as a revolutionary change for the FPS genre), it ultimately felt lackluster in terms of content, with little more than an arbitrary multi-player storymode along with the games core competitive modes. This left players feeling like there was little to do in the game other than play against others, and led to the game loosing public interest rather quickly. The fact that the game was only available on one console platform was seen as very limiting of its potential, and likely was the cause behind Respawn’s sudden full interest in developing a multi-console sequel.

The teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 showed that a full unveiling of the game would take place in June 2016, and that the title would finally bring the franchise to those on the Playstation brand of home consoles. And hopefully this time, Respawn has learned from its previous entry, and brings us another fantastic addition to a thriving genre.

Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer

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