The Search For Flight 370 Continues

In the world we live in, there are millions and millions of plane departures and landings in the United States and around the world. In the case of flight 370, all is literally up in the air when analyzing where this plane might be and what caused its mysterious fall off all radar and loss of all communication devices. Flight 370 took off from Malaysia on a typical route and lost all communication with the ground and never regained that connection. People have took to the streets demanding answers to this mystery and countries all over the world are putting in all their resources to make sure there was efforts to find either the wreckage or the plane itself.

What brings this story home for most is the fact that there was two americans on that plane. President Obama and America are working every way they can to bring closure to all people across the world and back home. As of now there are new advancements  in the case but nothing that is shining a bright light onto this situation. Officials are now looking in the homes of both the pilot and co-pilot for any answers into what happened or what might have caused this tragedy. Also, officials are preforming background checks on all passengers on the plane hoping that maybe some type of information can be gained and allow them to find the plane and souls on board.

All in all nobody has a clear answer on what happened to this plane, but officials are working hard to make sure answers come sooner than later.

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