The Odor Phone Emerges

Our society is constantly growing and technology is becoming more than just complicated. New technology informs and keeps communication and entertainment constant as we grow in our communities. Recent developers introduced the oPhone, which is essentially a type of phone that has the ability to send certain smells to your friends to let them experience the image or moment that you describe in a more realistic way. The oPhone uses different types of sprays and aromas that you can combine together to create the smell that you want. Dr. David Edwards, creator of the oPhone and Le Laboratories says that “The faith is grounded on the acknowledged influence of smell of the subconscious, and the potential to learn its secrets”. He wanted to show how the olfactory sense (Smell) in humans can play a key role of creating imagery in the mind. For example, if you want to send a picture to a friend of the beach, the oPhone can also send a salty ocean smell to go along with it.

The oPhone is set for a beta launch in July where “Smell Messaging” will be put in the hands of the consumers. The beta will allow certain individuals to create and combine their desired smells and then bring it to a launch station that will be set up in Boston that will be filled with oPhone stations. Edwards believes that with a successful start-up many perfume and cologne companies around the world will be interested in exchanging fragrances over the phone. This invention sets the bar for many ideas concerning odor transportation throughout the massive expanding social network of today .

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