You Can Sit Around And Mope Or You Can Get Up And Make Your Life Better

Often times, Netflix seems too appealing, your bed is captivating you with the warm comforter, and that left-over chocolate cake in the fridge is calling your name. I agree that these things and many more should be briefly part of your life at moments but lets look at the much too often consequences when you let things like these consume too much of your time. After watching 8 episodes back to back of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ you then feel drained, there was so much that you could have gotten done while you were sitting there watching that bright screen. Now you don’t have much motivation do to anything else because your body has been a vegetable for 4 hours.

You sleep in because it feels so good to cuddle with your cool-sided pillow but you know that you should have woken up earlier to go to the gym, now you don’t feel like going to the gym anymore because you don’t feel productive. You have other things to do throughout your day and since you didn’t wake up sooner to go to the gym, now you haven’t got the time. Instead you grab a muffin and coffee on the go to work only to then look at the calories and sugar on the back on the label and you slightly think about being bulimic just this one time and throwing it up. Then you realize Summer is coming up and you should have gone to the gym and your body still looks the same way it did last summer and the one before that and so on and that little voice in your head is cursing you out for not being committed to living a healthier and sexier life style.

Life is filled with good and bad choices that will forever affect us. The positive and negative energy that you produce in your mind will respond to you with whatever thoughts your mind is focusing on. Only you have the power to make the life that you’re living a better one so go out and make a difference for yourself. Improve your eating habits, keep in mind that the early bird gets the worm and set a text of motivation as your alarm goes off on your phone. Don’t worry about the lives of others and work on fixing your own problems. Don’t pay mind to those who think lowly of you or do not value all that you have to offer because if you live your life with a beautiful and positive mind set your actions will speak for themselves and soon it will be impossible to ignore to anyone that you have become the example that everyone wants to follow and even your enemies will try to find and fit in the footsteps that lead you to greatness.

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