The Secrets Behind “The Price is Right”

I have been watching The Price is Right for as long as I could remember. My grandmother loves game shows and this happens to be one of her favorites. Anyone who knows what it is has wanted to be a participant on there at least once. I mean, who doesn’t want to spin the big wheel, bid “one dollar” or even play the oh-so popular Plinko? At one point in our lives, we have all wanted to be that lucky person that got to “come on down.” However, it isn’t just luck. There are secrets to getting on The Price is Right that millions of people never knew about until they went to be on the show.

First there are two separate lines – one line for people who requested tickets online before-hand and one for the people who dropped in on the show. The people with the priority tickets are pretty much guaranteed a seat in the audience and the others get chosen to fill in the rest of the seats. Next, your picture is taken in line and sent to producers for review. That’s right, producers. People seem to forget that this is actually a Hollywood production. After that, each person is asked questions in an audition-like style. This allows them to see the personalities of the audience members and who could possibly be entertaining or interesting on their show. Last, everyone is let in to the studio and the show begins.

As you see, there is a process that not too many people even know about. Becoming an audience member is one thing, but actually being a contestant is not just random luck like most think. If you are chosen, you must have had something about you that the producers thought could work for the show. After this, you play on!

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