Miami Model is Fashionably Violent

Sunday evening, just as the sun dipped below the horizon a South Florida model, Shadae Scott was arrested. What could a model do that causes her to be incarcerated? Is it drugs? Violence? How about the perfect mix of both? Arrested for and charged for one count of domestic battery, Scott allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Kevin Wiggins multiple times with her pink pocket knife.

What could cause a model to be so fashionably violent, you ask? Wiggins claims that he and Scott got into a verbal altercation after she realized his dog consumed her stash of marijuana. She then allegedly kicked him out of the apartment after hiding all of his stuff. After asking where his computer was hidden, she began to attack. He then suffered two small knife strikes to the face and head area and received one wound across his hand. Scott, on the other hand claims that the fight was over dinner plans, the altercation turned physical when he refused to let her leave the apartment, she then pulled out her pocket knife in self-defense. Scott claims that during the Scott walked into her knife and cut himself, which would presumably explain the “small lacerations” on Wiggins body and a slash above his left ear.

Scott’s modeling profile and photos can be seen on multiple talent agency websites, and now the Broward County Sheriff’s office. Scott has no previous criminal record in the state of Florida, her bond has been set at $3,500 and she has been ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from Wiggins at all time

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