The Spreading Trend of the Blogger

It use to be that in order to get your thoughts and opinions out to the masses and have some sort of legit platform to do so you were either a government official, a person of some sort of celebrity or a good old fashioned journalist. And if you were anything other than that, than there was little chance you’d get thoughts out anywhere besides the walls you live in.

In our current world, the internet has provided a platform for all of us nobodies to be able to have a chance at feeling like a somebody in terms of getting our opinions out there and potentially having others see them. One of the trends that has been catching on like wildfire is that of the modern day blogger. Instead of having to go to a university, get a full degree in journalism, send out your resume and cross your fingers that you’ll be hired somewhere potentially soon, individuals are creating blogs and writing for themselves and for others on the internet to enjoy. Some bloggers have even gotten such a following that are now well known for their blog and have even been presented with some amazing job opportunities which wouldn’t have been possible without their dedication to their blogs. I for one am completely on board with this trend and have a few blogs that I remain completely faithful to as far as following. I also believe that this trend is so appealing because the options are absolutely endless as to what you can write about. If you love fashion, you can blog about fashion. Or if you love food, you can blog about the recipes that are your favorite to make or even your favorite places to dine.

Blogging has definitely set the standard for the average person to be able to do just what a journalists working for a prestigious newspaper could do but in their own way and I absolutely love that and am fully supporting of all bloggers out there!

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