Google’s Dumbing-Down of Society

Since Google became society’s crutch, people have begun to rely on its knowledge rather than knowledge they should have already attained.  I can remember a time where the only way to obtain information was to crack open a book or read for your own personal gain. Nowadays, a two second search on Google comes back with hundreds of different links that pertain to the same concept or event.   This reliance has taken away the responsibility to actually learn the information and  has instead placed it on the search engine itself.


What does that say about where we are as a society?  When we’d rather allow ourselves to become less knowledgable at the sake of instant gratification.  Simply put, we are lazy and would rather take the easy way out.   The process of learning information is no longer to attain it, but to regurgitate what amounts to a quick answer.   Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for this growing problem.  So long as there are search engines like Google and Bing, the need to actually comprehend information will continue to diminish over time.

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