The Two Very Different Sides Of a Break-Up

All things must come to an end…the good, the bad, and the ugly. The majority of people will experience the heart ache but the ways that they endure them are always different. They say hearts don’t break even and they usually never do. There are two different perspectives to a break-up, I’ve separated them into two views, the “Break-uper” and the “Break-upee”. Which one has it worse? How differently do both individuals feel? For the purpose of this blog, and the fact that I was hanging out with my friend Myles. He helped me into picking this topic with my side being the view of the “break-upper” and him playing the role of the “Break-upee”.

The Break-upper is the person that breaks up with the person that they were with. They end the current relationship that they have and move on with their life. Most people at first would consider this person to have it easier, and sometimes they do have the easier way out and feel relieved after the break up but other times it’s not that way. The person that breaks up with that other person also has to live with the fact that they ended what they had and if they regret it afterwards they know that it was their fault. It’s a lot of pressure to take on when you have someone telling you that you completely broke them. You have to live with hurting that other person, and missing them as well because just because you broke up with them doesn’t mean you won’t miss them. On the other hand, it was what you wanted to do at the end of the day even if the other person didn’t want to, therefore it’s arguably easier.

The other view of a break-up is through the “break-upee” I’ll be writing this view from the view of Myles and his experience. He said that he felt his world was ending and there was nothing else to live for. He lacked motivation and only found comfort while he was going to the gym. He picked up extra activities to keep his mind off the break up. He wishes that the bad never happened and that him and his girlfriend were still together but he knows that he wouldn’t want her back now after everything that has happened. The person that that gets broken up with will feel it bad, even when you see it coming, it still hurts. However, after all the pain and all the self torture, you may realize that the break up was something that needed to happen. That’s the optimistic way of looking at the situation, if things don’t work out like that, at least you know all is temporary.

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