Who Is The Most Under Appreciated Player In All Of Sports? How About This Guy.

Who is the most under appreciated player in all of sports in my opinion?  It would have to be Tony Romo, the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Every year I have to see this guy get criticized to no end.  “He can’t win the big game,” “He has a great team around him.”  These are things I hear year in and year out.  And it is starting to get on my nerves.  If it wasn’t for Romo the Cowboys would be nowhere and no where fast.  He is the reason the Cowboys are even relevant this day in age.  He is the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys and it sickens me how much criticism this guy takes.

Over Tony Romo’s career he has thrown for over 29,000 yards, nearly 200 touchdowns and has a 96.1 QB rating.  his overall win loss record is 59-42 and has a career completion percentage around 65%.  Those are the numbers of an elite quarterback.  Not to mention the guy has an uncanny ability to keep plays going and escape constant pressure.

Those are the numbers of a guy who gets scrutinized constantly on and off the field.  Yes I said off the field.  For some reason I can’t fathom.  He gets heat for playing golf and going on vacations, while other football players are out there getting drunk and beating up women.  Do we ever hear about Tony Romo going out and getting sloppy drunk?  Do we ever see Tony Romo getting in fights or getting arrested?  No we don’t.  We see this guy lead his team year in and year out and get absolutely no appreciation for it.  He is one of the best QB’s I have ever seen.  And I just want to put it out there that he is not only the most under appreciated player in the NFL but all of sports.  A lot of teams would love to have the production that Tony Romo has produced.  It is time that he gets mentioned in a more positive light.

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