The Ultimate Time Consumer: Netflix

After watching three full seasons back to back of a network show I have been putting off, I wondered if websites and programs like Netflix is a good thing or bad thing. The easy accessibility could be a bad and tempting thing especially with how it can be easily accessed on your computer…the very same place where a good chunk of homework is supposed to get done.

Some positives I think that are obvious about these types of programs is how you can now watch on your own time. You may work when your favorite show is on or you may decide you want to catch that certain episode of your friend’s favorite show or in my case, you may finally decide it’s time to start watching that show you’ve been putting off for so long but this can also lead to some negatives.
Some negatives would be the time that you put in to watching these shows. No more do you have to wait for commercial breaks, or wait for next week’s episode or even next season’s episode. No more waiting wonders all off season what that crazy cliff hanger was all about! Now, it’s easier than ever to just sit in the comfort of your own home and watch away!

This becomes a problem, like others things, when it starts to affect your life. So my advice to netflickers and like program watchers is that when you find yourself saying “just one more episode” when it is 3 AM, it is time to cancel your subscription.

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