Too Many Blown Calls: NFL Replacement Refs Have to Go

For all those football fans out there, you are already aware of the latest problem that has hit the NFL. No, the latest problem doesn’t have to do with concussions, head injuries, or any kind of celebration dances, rather the real problem has to deal with the referees or should I say the replacement referees. The NFL’s referees went on strike earlier this year in hopes to receieve a better deal from the multi-billion dollar buisness. However, Roger Godell and the NFL have not come to an agreement with the NFL Referees. Because there has been no agreement reached, the NFL has brought in replacement referees. These referees come from likes of mostly smaller level college football. Because these referees are use to a bit of a slower game and beacause they are new to the NFL, which does have some different rules than college and high school football, they seem to be completely lost on the field. Routine calls are being missed and there has been alot of commentary about how these referees are severly influencing the game by not being as a good as the real NFL Referees.

In the competitive world of professional football, you can only imagine how important it is to win every game you play. Coaches, players, and full football staffs invest so much time and energy every week to make sure that they are prepared to win the football game. When referees and their blown calls are being put into the mix, coaches and NFL teams are becoming extremely frustrated. A clear example of the frustration these coaches are feeling can been seen by Coach Belicheck of the New England Patriots. Coach Belicheck ended up grabbing a referee last night due to what he believed to be a blown call. Pro football is played by professionals, coached by professionals, and should be officiated by professionals. Pay the referees, bring them back.

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